Monday, August 7, 2017

Week 27: First Week in Cumbernauld

Week 27

July 17, 2017


Hey guys!

So Scotland is a little bit different from Ireland. However, it rains here just as much. Haha. It's a lot more hilly over here and you know how when you're doing a Scottish accent and say, "oh yeah laddie" that is quite accurate.

The ward here in Cumbernauld is tiny. In fact it is probably smaller than the branch in Waterford some days. Yesterday at church President and Sister Donaldson came and spoke in sacrament meeting. Both of them talked on missionary work. Sister Donaldson talked about Elder Ballard's previous general conference talk and how we can set goals to share the gospel in our lives. President Donaldson talked more about how as full-time missionaries we can meet a lot of people who are not interested in the gospel but there are a few out there who want and need the gospel in there lives and how members can help by stretching out to the people they know and inviting them to learn more about the Church. He had a phrase that I really liked though. "Doctrine is an eternal truth, packaged for application." I know that was kinda random but I thought that that was a really easy way to explain doctrine to someone. President Donaldson also mentioned that Elder Udy is going home in five weeks and isn't trunky in the slightest. Haha. Elder Udy is like Elder Watson in a few ways. We do our shopping together, and take turns cooking.

Cumbernauld is a smaller town. The town centre here is inside the shopping centre they have here and so we can't GQ there. However, there are tons of houses here and so there are plenty of houses to chap. As far as our investigators go here, we are teaching a guy named Anthony and a guy named John. Anthony is interesting. He likes to come to church but is difficult to teach because he jumps all over the place when we try to teach him. He also smokes but likes meeting with us. John on the other hand is kind of an eternigator. He doesn't have anything that is holding him back from being baptised and comes to church each week but won't commit to a date for baptism. So we'll continue to work with him on that.

So here's your Scottish word for the week. If it is lashing outside then people might say it is pretty dreich outside. Dreich (dreek) basically means dreary.

So fun fact. Apparently President Kennedy at some point in his life, visited the town of New Ross which is just up the river from Waterford. Anyways, they built a statue of President Kennedy and I'm shaking his hand.

Picture of me and Elder Udy. Below is a picture of me on the ferry.

So I know you guys wanted to know how I got to Cumbernauld so let me backtrack a bit. So first, I took a bus to Dublin then a bus to Belfast and from Belfast went to the ferry in Carrickfergus and then took the ferry to Stranraer and from there the AP's picked us up and took us to Glasgow and then I caught a 15 minute bus to Cumbernauld. It took me from 9am to 10pm to get from Dublin to Cumbernauld. I travelled up from Waterford to Dublin earlier because Elder Plewe was leaving.


Elder Calley