Monday, August 7, 2017

Week 30: 2nd to last week of the tranfer

Aug 7, 2017


Hey guys!


It still feels like summer here but summer here is really cool. It gets to about 60 or maybe 65 degrees here during the day. The leaves haven't changed yet but it the rain is always dependable. I can't believe the leaves are already beginning to change.


So this week we did a bit of travelling. We went to Edinburgh last Tuesday for Zone Conference. It was really good. On the way back to the bus station, I did see a pair of bagpipers wearing kilts but I didn't have time to take a picture. So I do see them but not very often. More often than not they are playing on the touristy streets. Then on Wednesday we went to Glasgow to have interviews. We have continued to meet with John some more this week. He is progressing slowly. He's started to read his scriptures every night which is good. The rest of this week has been filled with chapping. It's interesting because over here in Cumbernauld there are sections where all the Catholics live and places where all the protestants live. So often times when people say I'm Catholic most of the other people we talk to in the neighborhood will say they are Catholic as well.


So here's the Scottish phrase for the week. If someone tells you over here that something is dearer it means that it is more expensive. For example, if "those biscuits are dearer than those biscuits" than they are more expensive. They also don't use the word trash over here. They will always refer to the trash can as a bin.


So I don't have many pictures for this week but here is a picture of a large building with the Union jack on it in Edinburgh. There are not many places that have the Union jack out. The Scottish flag is more likely to be flown.



I almost forgot, yesterday was Elder Udy's birthday so I tried to bake him a cake but failed pretty bad. He got a cake from the McGregor's though. They're a family in the ward. Brother McGregor is in the bishopric. By the way we do have a ward mission leader. He's about five years off his mission. He served in the England London South mission. He's a good mission leader. There are no young men in the ward though but there are young women. I don't know how many though.



Well it's been great to hear from you guys! Enjoy the nice fall weather!


Love you guys,

Elder Calley


By the way we mainly take the bus around Cumbernauld and walk. I believe I have seen four people wear a kilt since I've been in Scotland. I will try to take a picture of the next person I see wearing a kilt, if I remember.