Thursday, July 13, 2017

Week 26: I'm not in Waterford anymore...

July 11, 2017

Hey fam! How's everything going? I have never heard that a six month mark was called a bump before. Interesting to know. It's hard to believe that it has been six months already. The time seems to fly out here. So yesterday was moves day which is why I am emailing you today. I got moved from Waterford to Cumbernauld in Scotland. Cumbernauld is a town to the northeast of Glasgow. They have a ward of about 30 members I think, I haven't met any of them yet. My new companion is Elder Udy. By the way Elder Watson was companions with Elder Udy before he trained me. This is his last transfer before he goes home. It feels a little bit like deja vu with everyone that I serve with going home.

Anyways, it sounds like you had a good fourth of July. We had pancakes and pie at district meeting last week to celebrate the 4th. Last Friday, Elder Plewe started his trek to the mission home to fly back to Utah. So I spent a few days in Clonsilla which is a suburb of Dublin.

Our investigators in Waterford were doing good when I left. Ion is still reading his scriptures but wasn't able to meet with us before we left. Dion however, is coming to church this week so that should be exciting for the new missionaries! He calls us every night to let us know how his studies went. He read almost half of the Book of Mormon, from 2 Nephi through Mosiah while he was Elder Plewe's and my investigator. He is very diligent at reading his scriptures everyday. Hopefully the new missionaries can baptize him soon. One of the new missionaries going to Waterford is fresh out from the MTC.

This is my first day in Cumbernauld so I don't know much about the place but I'm sure that I'll get to know it better over time. The people here in Scotland have a very different accent and it will take some time getting used to. I was talking to someone at the bus station last night and I only understood every other word he said. The great thing about being a missionary is that the work and the gospel are the same everywhere!

Sadly, I do not have any pictures to send this week. The computers here don't have an sd card slot but I will definitely send pictures next week. Thank you guys so much for the package. The letters were great. Tell the young men they are awesome!

I love you guys,

Elder Calley

Oh yeah forgot about my new address. Oops didn't mean to leave that out. It's 12 Ivanhoe Road, Cumbernauld, Glasgow G67 4BH. Elder Udy was already in Cumbernauld. This is his 3rd transfer here. The ward here in Cumbernauld sounds a little bit smaller than the branch in Waterford, which is really weird. Hopefully I'll pick up some Scottish terms. There is one last Irish one though that I have. Sometimes people will say, That took the mick out of me. It essentially means that took a lot or took everything out of me. It was great talking to you! Talk to you next week. Thank you for your prayers!

Elder Kyle Calley
 12 Ivanhoe Road
 Glasgow, UK
G67 4BH

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Week 25: Transfers next week

July 3, 2017

Hey guys! How's it going?
So this week Elder Plewe and I have spent a lot of time finding. Claire has been doing good. She wasn't able to come to church this week because she was visiting family in Dublin but we did talk with her over the phone and are meeting with her tomorrow. But I do have a picture of us with her at her baptism. The picture is not with her in white because she was really shy to take a picture in the first place but one picture is better than none right?
 So funny story about our other investigator Ion. His name is actually spelled like an ion but it's pronounced like 'yawn'. He has continued to read the Book of Mormon but hasn't been able to meet with us.
This is also Elder Plewe's last week. He leaves Friday for Dublin and then on to Edinburgh. With him leaving Friday it also means that I have to go somewhere else too. Probably to either Dublin or Cork. We're going to Cork tomorrow for district meeting and so I will probably get your guys' package then. I am super excited for the letters! For some reason Dad I didn't get your email from the 19th of June until this morning.
Roasting marshmallows at the Condemi's
tuning guitars @ the Condemi's
Dinner @ the Condemi's home

So because Elder Plewe is at the end of his mission we have had three dinner appointments this past week which is a lot for a typical week. A lot of the members have been trying to have us over before Elder Plewe leaves. And one of them was at the Condemi's. I don't know how to play guitar by the way but we were trying to tune the strings for them.  We also went over to the Moylans and to Sister Porter's house to do some service. Brother Moylan brought out some of his historical costumes and replicas for Elder Plewe to try on.
At Brother Moylan - some of his historical costumes and replicas

In my studies this week I came across a scripture that I thought was really neat. It's Mosiah 2:24. It's King Benjamin giving his last address to the people. And he says to them that if we do what God commands us to do he will immediately bless us. I thought it was really interesting that as we keep the commandments we are immediately blessed because most of the time it might not feel that way but it also may not be in the way that we expect.
Last P-day we went to Waterford Castle. It's on an island and so we took a 2 minute ferry to get from one side to the other. Waterford Castle is also a hotel/resort so we didn't go inside of it but the outside is neat.
I love you guys and hope you have a fantastic week!

Elder Calley
P.S. So this Saturday is moves call and so I will either get moved or have to pick up my new companion next Monday. So there is a good chance that I will not get a chance to email you until next Tuesday.

Week 24: Transfer is winding down

Jun 26, 2017
Hey everyone! Conas a ta tu? (That means how's it going in Irish)
This past week has gone by quick as usual. We've been gqing and chapping a lot. Our recent convert Claire is still coming to church and meeting up with us to be taught the recent convert lessons. She is still really solid. The highlight of my week was teaching this guy that we chapped named Ion. His name looks like ion but it is pronounced yawn. He's Romanian and he speaks little to no English. He was however interested in meeting up with us this week. We met with him briefly this past week and taught him simple things at first like about the Book of Mormon and about prophets and apostasy because it is hard for him to understand English. He comes from a protestant background and goes to another church in Waterford but says he has some issues with it. We gave him a Romanian Book of Mormon and restoration pamphlet. Within the next two days he had read five chapters of the Book of Mormon and half of the restoration pamphlet and he understood what he was reading really well.  At the end of one of our mini lessons with him he finally pulled out his phone to use google translate to communicate with us. He told us that we have something different and that he was going to test what we had told him. We knew that he was feeling the Spirit because we were feeling it too. It was amazing to know that even though we speak different languages the language of the Spirit is the same and can speak to everyone. Ion is probably the most exciting thing that has happened this week.
Kilkenny castle grand hall
Last P-day Elder Plewe and I went to Kilkenny to go see the castle there. It's pretty big and the best part is that we got in for free because their cash register wasn't up and running. It was really good.
This is the grand hall by the way.

Sorry this email is short but everything in Waterford is going good. It has not rained very much this week which makes sense because it looks like rain all this next week.
Love you guys,
Elder Calley
By the way our moves call or when I know if I'm staying or leaving is a week from this Saturday so on the 9th of July. I am guessing that I am staying for a fifth transfer but anything can happen. Elder Plewe has two more weeks left on his mission. He's a really good companion though and he works hard.

Week 23: You've got Missinary Mail!

June 19. 2017

Hey guys!

It's been very warm this week. Sunny almost everyday this week. This week we went up to Dublin on Tuesday for Zone Conference. It was really good as always. I guess you saw a picture of Elder Plewe and I with Elder Flynn who got released three weeks ago. He served in Waterford for six transfers (9 months) and came back to visit for the weekend. Elder Plewe and I keep joking that I will be here for six transfers since that is a long time to be in an area.
Speaking of the weekend how was Father's Day Dad?  I hope it was really good! By the way they do celebrate Father's Day over here but I think it is a little bit more low-key. The primary kids did sing a song yesterday in church though.

This week not too much else happened. We have continued to teach Sean and Claire. Sean enjoys meeting with us but still hasn't been able to come to church. Claire still enjoys meeting with us. We taught her about the temple and callings. She was excited at the prospect of being able to have an opportunity to serve through a calling. We also went over to the Gibbons this last Friday. The Gibbons live up in Carlow, which is about an hour north of Waterford. They are a really nice family to visit. Brother Gibbons is in the Branch Presidency here in Waterford.

Yesterday during church in gospel principles, it was chapter 18 which is on faith and Elder Plewe was teaching the lesson. He gave a really good example of faith. He explained that he was going chapping one day in Northern Ireland and saw a guy cleaning his gutters. He said that they stopped him and talked with him and got on the topic of faith. He said he wasn't interested and didn't believe in faith and so Elder Plewe asked him why he was cleaning his gutters and explained that he was cleaning his gutters because he believed that he would need them when it rained. He then went on to say that the guy had faith in cleaning his gutters. It was an interesting story because sometimes we have doubts and don't think we have a lot of faith. And while our faith is centered on Jesus Christ, we can have faith in a lot of smaller things like praying everyday that can help build our faith in Christ. It reminded me of Alma 32:26 where Alma is saying that even if you have the smallest drop of hope you can use that and turn it into faith.

Anyways, the rest of my week has been good. Elder Plewe is a really great companion. We don't go running together that much but we exercise every morning inside the flat. The teaching pool is coming along. We have gotten a few people who are willing to meet up with us everyday this week which has been really great!

The computer keyboards over here are a little bit different like some of the symbol keys are swapped around but mostly everything is the same. As far as the Irish language goes, I think it breaks more rules than English. The classic example is of a place called DĂșn Laoghaire. No one can pronounce it right the first time. In English its Dunleary which is a little bit easier to pronounce.

(We asked if they sold Lucky Charms in Ireland and if he’s using a backpack now, which we noticed in some of his pictures.) I sure wish they sold Lucky Charms here but they don't. I do use a backpack some of the time because I can hold more stuff in it and everyone here uses a backpack. It's one of the things that they say not to have in the mission call but President Donaldson is okay with us using. I still use my shoulder bag some of the time.

Well I am sorry that this email is a bit short but not much happened this week. I'll have to remember to write down what happened more often. The work here in Ireland is going good. I don't see a lot of rainbows over here and most of my shirts are still mostly stain free.

Love you guys a lot,

Elder Calley

By the way it is very light here. The picture at the top was taken at 9:30 at night while we were on the bus home from All-Ireland.


Friday, July 7, 2017

Week 22: We Had a baptism!!!

June 12. 2017

This week Claire got baptized on Saturday out in Cork. There was a decent attendance there which was great. The baptismal service was great, and the Spirit was strong there. Brother and Sister Ryan drove us down from Waterford which was really nice of them. She also got confirmed yesterday as well. She was really excited for her baptism and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost. The members in the branch are really nice and most of them talk with her in church. They are really great at making her feel welcome at church.

 So most of our week was helping Claire getting ready for her baptism. The only sad part of it is that I didn't take any pictures because Claire was very shy about taking pictures. Sister Ryan took one picture but hasn't sent us it yet so if I get it I will try to send it today if not for sure next week.

Our other investigators, Sean, Michael, and Dion are going pretty good. Sean is willing to get baptized and come to church if his mom is okay with it. Michael wants to get baptized but still wants to attend the born again church he is currently attending so we will try to explain baptism a little bit better next time. Dion really wants to get baptized but has to still get permission from his dad. One thing that Dion is really good at is studying every day. He calls us every evening and tells us what he learned from his studies that day.

So this week we have All-Ireland Zone Conference in Dublin on Tuesday. It should be really good. Waterford has been much busier between doing service for members, meeting with investigators, and finding. The time here seems to fly by. It's hard to believe that I have been out for five months already.

Last P-day we took a look inside Reginald's tower which is a Viking/medieval tower that was originally built by the Vikings. It was interesting, there are some cool relics in there.


 And yes, I did take a few pictures.


Oh, by the way I did learn two new Irish phrases this week. The first one is "its all hunky dory" which basically means its alright or everything is good at the moment. The other one is "it is lashing outside". That one might be easier to figure out because it has been lashing just about every day this week.

Thank you guys so much for your prayers. They have definitely helped and have been felt over here in Waterford. Thank you guys so much for everything that you do.


Elder Calley

Oops, I forgot, so I was the one who baptized her and I also performed the confirmation. Things with Elder Plewe are good, we both do the cooking but it isn't anything fancy.

Week 21: Trasfer 4

June 5, 2017

Hey guys!

This week seems to have gone on forever. It's been busy trying to consolidate from two teams of missionaries to one. This week we have been doing a lot of GQing and Chapping (Chapping is what we call door knocking over here).

We've been able to continue to teach Claire this last week. She has a date for this Saturday and she is really excited for it and also a little bit nervous. We'll probably have the baptism down in Cork, the Ryans offered to drive us down there if needed. The nearest baptismal font is in Cork so that is why we are going there but there have been investigators who have been baptized in the ocean in Tramore before from what I have heard. We still have to teach her tithing and have a baptismal interview for her but we have times to meet up with her to teach her. We've also been able to teach Michael and get him with a date for July 1st. It was interesting because before he had expressed that he was not interested in being baptized but we invited him and he said yes, which was great. So we'll continue to meet up with him and help him reach his goal.

So tomorrow we have to travel to Cork for district meeting and have exchanges with the district leader, Elder Scholz. It's kinda weird to have to travel on a bus for two hours instead of a twenty minute bus ride out to the church here in Waterford.

There has been a lot to do here in Waterford now that there is only Elder Plewe and I. Elder Plewe is really good. He works hard and is very humble.

Flip! (Flip is like the universal missionary word that everyone uses over here, its pretty much like the best two years with that word). Well it has been great emailing you guys. I am emailing from the internet cafe that we go to in Waterford because today is a bank holiday and the library is closed. They seem to have a lot of bank holidays over here. I will send pictures next week though. Talk to you guys next week,


Elder Calley

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Week 20: This week has been long

May 30, 2017
Hey guys!
It seems like it has been forever since I have emailed you. A lot has happened so this email will be long.
So this last week Elder Watson went home and left Waterford on Friday. Due to that I was in a trio on Saturday and Sunday and slept over at their flat. On Saturday we all got our moves call. The other two elders got moved to Glasgow and the Shetland Islands. I will be staying in Waterford for another transfer. Yaah. Because the other two elders got moved I had to go to Dublin with them on Sunday evening. I got my new companion on Monday but by the time we got back we didn't have any time to email so that is why I am emailing you guys today. So the other elder's area has been closed so there is only one set of missionaries here in Waterford and with that the other elder's flat has also been shut down. I've heard they closed down the other team because the mission didn't get as many missionaries coming in as there were leaving. The group that left this last transfer was really big. 
Elder Plewe & Elder Calley
So my new companion is Elder Plewe. He is from Spanish Fork, Utah. This is his last transfer before he goes home, so I will only be serving with him for a short amount of time. This has been my second day as his companion so I am sure we'll get to know each other a little bit better over the next few weeks.
So yesterday, Claire came again to church. She enjoyed it and really likes Relief Society. She is really receptive and likes to learn. She has a baptismal date set for June 10th. We are also teaching Michael some more. He is really sincere in his desire of wanting to know what God wants him to do. We taught him the restoration and were able to give him a Book of Mormon to read. Also since the other team's area has been shut down we also inherited their investigator whose name is Dion. Dion is 16 years old and is very interested in the gospel. He loves to learn about the church. The only thing that is holding him back from baptism is his parents. His mom is very receptive to us teaching Dion and will sometimes sit in on lessons. His father though may not be very open to Dion being taught so we are trying to work on that with Dion.
Last P-day we took a tour of the Waterford Crystal factory and I took a lot of pictures. It was a really cool tour and they have a lot of really cool things that they have made out of crystal.
I'll probably be sending more emails with pictures. I took quite a few.
It's been great talking to you guys though and hope everything is going well back home. It's good to hear that the Kinder eggs were enjoyed. I don't think they sell them in the US but their chocolate is some of the best.
Elder Calley

Week 19: Week 5 of the Transfer

May 22, 2017

Hey guys!

This week seems to have gone by so fast. It has been so awesome to read your emails this morning. I still can't believe that President Nelson came to Minnesota. I had no idea that he went there for medical school either. Wow that certainly sounds like it was amazing! I remember when Elder Cook came to Stake Conference a while ago. It was really great to be able to shake his hand and meet and listen to an Apostle in person.

This week is week 5 of the transfer. So this Saturday we will find out who goes where. There is a decent chance that I stay another transfer here in Waterford. It also means that I will be getting a new companion next week no matter what happens since Elder Watson leaves for the Mission home this Friday. So that means that I will be in a tres companionship for a few days.

 This week we were able to meet with Claire as well as Arnas. We met Claire at the beginning of May and she finally was able to meet with us this week. She has met with the Sister missionaries before and came with us to church this week. She is really interested in learning and wants to get baptized. We are looking forward to teaching her again this week. Church was really good this week. The topic of Elders quorum was eternal marriage. I told Elder Watson that he probably couldn't have had a better topic for his last Sunday in Waterford. Haha.

 We also met Arnas last week, he works at one of the shops called Gadgetman here in Waterford. He had never heard of missionaries before but was interested enough to meet with us. He seems to always be working though to save up for college.

This week we went over to the Ackroyd's. Brother and Sister Ackroyd both moved from Arizona to Dunmore East. Dunmore East is a little coastal town about half an hour to the southeast of Waterford. It is a very pretty town. I took some pictures of the area.




It's good to hear that everything is going good back home. There are 3 weeks left of seminary I take it? I hope that you guys have a great week. Waterford is great. It's been a hit or miss for rain this week.

Talk to you guys next week,

Love,  Elder Calley

Monday, May 15, 2017

Week 18 It Was Great to talk to you guys yesterday!

Hi guys!

It was really great to talk to you yesterday. You guys look like you're doing well. Sounds like you're having great weather as well. Hope the rest of your mother's day was fantastic Mom! 

So I told you about most of my week yesterday but in case you missed anything I'll recap briefly.  So last Tuesday and Wednesday the zone leaders came and went on exchanges with us.  It was really good.  We found a few people.  Thursday, Friday, and Saturday were pretty rainy.  We had a few appointments with Dinesh and Sean though, which were fantastic.

Church was really good yesterday.  As you guys know we got Sean to come to church.  He is really shy but enjoyed being there.  We're hoping to meet up with him again on Wednesday.  Sacrament meeting was on about holding onto the iron rod.  One of the speakers brought up the point why don't we chain someone to the rod.  I thought that was an interesting point to bring up.  Sometimes it seems that that would be an easy way out to be chained to the rod, so you could only progress forward.  However, if that was the case we wouldn't be able to learn anything because we would not have agency.

So I'm emailing you guys from the internet cafe. The computers here don't have an SD card slot so I won't be able to send you the pictures of Waterford Crystal, but I promise to send them next week.

Today it has been raining all morning. We have had a lot of showers these past few days. I think that tomorrow will be the last day of rain, which will be good. So one Irish/British word that they use here is boot to refer to the trunk of the car.

Thank you for your prayers and for emailing me each week. They really make my day. Love you guys, hope the sun keeps shining back home,


Elder Calley

One of the other missionaries here had an usb to sd card converter so I can send you my picture.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Week 17: Mother's Day Week

May 8, 2017
Hey guys, its so good to here from you!
This week seems to have began so long ago. So our Zone Conference in Dublin was fantastic. There were some great devotionals and talks given. I also did happen to take some pictures.
Doors to the Guiness factoryInline


Statue of someone in front of a building

Spire in Dublin City Centre

So the rest of this week has been good. We were able to meet up with Dinesh again this week and he has a date set for May 27th. He is really good. He seems to have a lot of interest but he does not have a Christian background. This week we went to Sister Porter's again to help her clean up her backyard and garden. The rest of this week has been a lot of finding. Speaking of finding we had an interesting conversation. We were at this one corner and out of the blue this elderly lady approaches us and asks if we were Jewish. We told her no, we are Christians, to which she then asks what monetary system we use and wanted us to teach her about capitalism. As the conversation goes on she turned out to be pretty crazy. We had to use the fake call function on our phone to get away. The funny part about this conversation is that behind the lady there was a car parked that was behind the lady and facing us. They were trying to mime to us about what this lady was talking about. They stuck around to listen to the conversation and seemed to get a good kick out of it. That was the weirdest part of my week this week.
That's so cool that Brandon is going to Paris!!! Wow! I'm sure that will be awesome for him!
That's cool that the Self-Reliance program is going on back home. We have had that over here for a while, or at least since I came to Waterford.  It seems like a really good program. It is something they have put some stress on over here.
So, I do not have any new Irish words but I did learn from my companion of a Scottish word, Minghim, (not sure if I spelt that right) that it means gross or dirty.
Hope everything is going good back home. Things here in Waterford are going great.
Elder Calley

Week 16: May Day

May 1, 2017

Hey guys!

So today is May Day here in Ireland. I guess they do celebrate it here in Ireland because it is a bank holiday today. That is basically the equivalent of a national holiday back home. None of the municipal places are open, such as the library, and many businesses are closed for the day. So I'm emailing from an internet cafe today.

This week seems to have gone by quickly but not much has happened this week. We got a hold of Dinesh this week. (I think I have mentioned him before, he is from India and came to one of the branch activities we had). He seems interested in learning what the church is, what we as missionaries do and what we talk with people about. We also went to Sister Porter's house this past Friday to help her clean up her backyard a little bit. She is very kind and sweet. She invited over one of the less actives in the ward and he came over pretty drunk. However, we did have a good discussion with him on how the Savior can help him and that he has people who care about him. It made me think about how the Savior can help each and everyone of us and how each of us have others who care about us. No matter what we do, He is always there with open arms waiting for us to turn to Him.

This Tuesday is All-Ireland Zone Conference in Dublin. So I will try to take some pictures of Dublin to send to you guys next week. Later today we are going to Carlow to visit the Gibbons. Brother Gibbons is one of the counsellors in the branch presidency.

It's hard to believe that I have been in Waterford for about three months now. I feel like I have gotten to know it pretty well. The one thing we have not done that we probably should do as a pday activity is visit the Waterford Crystal factory. I'm sure we could tour it if we wanted to but we have not had an opportunity and I do not know how much it costs. They do have a shop that we can visit though. There are actually a lot of tour groups that visit Waterford Crystal. Often times we bump into members from America that just finished their tour which is great.

They have at least two golf courses here in Waterford and I have heard that there are a lot of golf courses here in southern Ireland. They also have something called a pitch and putt here which is like a really small golf course where you get a pitcher and a putter and play a few really short holes.

Some things that we typically do on our p-days is we almost always play soccer in some form. Last week we played "chair football" at the church. Everyone has a chair and if it gets hit with a soccer ball then they are out.
I apologize for not being very good at taking many pictures this week, so I took a picture of me emailing you guys. I know not very exciting but oh well.

Hope you guys have a good week. I love you guys a lot and look forward to talking to you in two weeks.


Elder Calley

I do have a Scottish vocab word to share, it’s called a blether. It basically means you had a good chat. Ex: we have had a lot of good blether the week with people on the street. The weather out here is still pretty cool. In the 50's still. The spring weather is pretty similar to Minnesota.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Week 15: Beginning of Transfer 3

April 24, 2017
Hey guys!
This week has been pretty good. I had a good birthday. We got taken out to lunch by some members from Virginia that were touring Ireland, which was really nice of them. It's funny because whenever there are tourists from America they always run into Elder Watson and I. We're the two American Elders and the other two are from England and Germany. We also had red velvet cake in the evening at the other Elder's flat. I got sung to and it was good. I got your guys package yesterday. It is fantastic! I didn't know that it took that long to get here. Thank you guys so much for all the treats and sweets.  The cards were really nice as well. Thank you guys so much!
This week we have visited quite a few members. On Monday we went to Sister Mackey's. She is really nice and is a great cook. Last Thursday we went to Dungarvan to visit Sister Porter and a less active that she invited over. She makes really good potato and pasta dishes. Then on Friday we went to do some service for Brother Moylan. He needed some of his firewood cut up. It was really fun to help him cut firewood, we got to use an axe, saw, and a hatchet.
Sadly, we haven't been able to meet with many of our investigators this week. Many of them go to the I.T. here in Waterford and the end of the term was last week and part of this week so many of them have had exams to study and prepare for and haven't really been able to meet with us. We will be able to meet with some of them this week though.
This week in my scripture study I have been reading in 3 Nephi, when the Savior visits the Americas. It is interesting to read about the 12 apostles that were called and all the works that they did. They seemed to never cease in proclaiming the gospel to others. It reminds me of Elder Hales talk from this last conference. He talks about how disciples of Christ have His attributes woven into their beings and how we can always continue to strive to become better disciples of Jesus Christ.
. Sister Ryan took a picture of me yesterday when I was playing prelude. I still get asked to play every week which is good. It helps me to get better at the hymns.
It's been great to here from you guys. Hope that you have a great week.
Here are some of the photos from when we went to the Moylans. Brother Moylan has a bunch of sword and gun replicas as well as costumes. He goes around with them and presents at schools and other places about history.

Greek warrior

American Revolutionary War soldier

Elder Calley


Week 14: Still in Waterford! Whohooo

April 17, 2017
here's a picture of the district here in Waterford.
 So, I am still in Waterford. I have survived another moves call. Haha. However, this transfer is the last transfer I will be with Elder Watson because he is dying this transfer. So I am killing my trainer.
Hope you guys had a happy Easter! Last Saturday there was a branch cultural event. It was really neat. We all got to learn a little bit about other cultures. Irish songs were sung and there was even a presentation on China. We invited a friend of one of the members to it, his name is Dinesh by the way, he is Indian. He seemed really interested in what the church is like and what we do as missionaries. We hope to meet up with him within the next few days. As far as our other investigators go, we are still in touch with some of them like Abi, (he's from Kosovo and is more of a less active Muslim) but we are still mainly looking for other people to teach. The biggest issue here in Waterford with finding people to teach is getting people to pick up the phone. Haha.
Last Friday we went over to the Moylan's house. Brother Moylan makes replicas of guns and swords and is really into history, so we got to dress up as a bunch of different soldiers throughout history. It was really awesome. Sadly I do not have any of the pictures with me, they were taken on Elder Watson's camera so if I do not send them today, I will definitely send them next week.
Easter Sunday was really fantastic. Easter seems to be a bigger holiday here than back home. Everything closes down from Friday through today. There were some great talks given on the Atonement and life of the Savior in church and there was a great priesthood lesson given on how we can better study our scriptures by identifying the principles in a given passage, understand the concepts or definitions of each principle, and then think of examples of how that principle has worked in your life. Studying the scriptures definitely makes a difference. It really helps to brighten my day.
So today for P-day we are planning to go to the beach so sorry if this email is a bit short. I will try to take more pictures, I will promise to send more this next week. Hope you had a fantastic birthday Dad!
I hope everything back in Minnesota is going well. Waterford just keeps getting better and better. Hope you guys have a good week.
Love you guys,
Elder Calley
So we were meeting a less active in the park last Wednesday and I climbed a tree.

Week 13: You’ve Got Mission Mail

April 10, 2017

Hey how's it going!

This week has gone by fast. We have had a lot of opportunities to find. We went to help an elderly Sister in Dungarvan this week to help her with her yard. It was good craic (fun). A lot of our investigators have been out of town this week so we haven't been able to meet with them lately. We hope to catch them this week though. Another saying that the Irish tend to use is "so I did" or "so they did" at the end of the sentence. We run into a lot of people from Poland and Brazil when finding, so we do. It's always interesting who we talk to each day. There are people from all over, here in Ireland, so they are. The sun and the warmth have been sticking around this week. Hopefully that means that there will be no rain for a little while, knock on wood. Haha

I have been reading in the beginning of 3 Nephi this week. I really find it interesting when the Gadianton robbers are trying to destroy the Nephites, however, the Nephites turn to the Lord and because of that they are saved. Sometimes it might feel like we are surrounded by Gadianton robbers but if we turn to Christ, He will always help us. I am so grateful that I can help others turn to Christ as well as continuing to remind myself.


Last P-day Elder Watson made an amazing breakfast for us. It was fantastic. This is the second to last week of the transfer. So it is moves week next Monday. I am pretty sure that I will be staying in Waterford though.


I did not take that many other pictures this week but I have a few of just around Waterford.



Everything in Waterford is going good, so it is. Have fun getting back into the routine of things. Love you guys. I promise I will send more pictures and a longer email next week. Talk to you next week.



Elder Calley

Friday, April 7, 2017

Week 12 of Mission Week 3 of Transfer 2

Apr 3, 2017   

This week has been awesome! It was so great to hear General Conference! I got to watch every session except for the Sunday Afternoon Session. (I think we will watch that tonight.) We watched the Saturday Morning session, Saturday evening, and then watched the Priesthood session, Saturday Afternoon, and Sunday Morning yesterday at the church. There were so many good talks given with little technological interferences. I really liked Elder Bednar's talk in the Priesthood Session about being called to serve and assigned to labor. Elder Holland and President Monson both gave great talks as well. We didn't have rootbeer floats afterwards but I did make fudge for Conference and that was really good. Thanks for sending all the ingredients. We were also able to get some of our investigators out to the Saturday Morning Session! There were many great talks on the plan of salvation and strong testimonies given in that session.

This week we were going around finding and we said hi to a guy on the street and he replied hi elders. We asked him, (his name is Devin by the way), how he knew about Mormon missionaries and he said he had attended church a few times as an investigator when he lived in England and said he was interested in coming back. We hope to meet with him sometime this week. It is great to know that the Lord has His hand in His work.

Over here in Ireland there are not too many Americans but most of them we meet are members. This has been the second week that we have ran into members from the States. It is great to see how the church is everywhere. Who knows maybe we will be three for three this week. Haha.

Love you guys a lot,

Elder Calley

Week 11 of Mission

Week 11 of Mission Week 2 of Transfer 2  

March 27

Hey guys! Sounds like everything is going well back home.

This week there was a zone conference at the stake center in Dublin this last Tuesday.  We went to Dublin and came back in the same day. It is about a 2 and a half hour bus ride one way. So we spent a lot of time on the bus. The bus drops us off right across the street from the Stake center so we just walked there.  It was really awesome. There was a lot of good instruction given. I also saw a few of the missionaries that I was in the MTC with. Our zone had interviews with President Donaldson at zone conference. It was really good. He is an amazing Mission President!

Dublin is much bigger than Waterford. I did not really see much of it because most of it was spent at the stake center but I did see the huge spire that they have in Dublin.

This week we went to the Condemi's again. They are such an amazing family.. I still have not been given anything unusual to eat yet. The Condemi's are really good cooks.
We also taught someone from Mexico this week. Her name is Melina. She goes to the I.T. here in Waterford and was interested in what we did as missionaries. We are hoping to teach her again this week.  She was the first person from Mexico that Elder Watson or I had talked to on our missions.

We also taught a guy named Themba. He's from Africa and we met him about a month ago and he was not really that interested but we ran into him this week and asked if he wanted to talk with us and he said would. It's amazing to see how people's hearts can change, even if only a little bit.

Its hard to believe that this week is General Conference! It'll be a little bit different over here due to the time difference but I should be able to see every session of conference. I think the Saturday Morning Session we watch at 5 pm and the rest of the sessions besides the Sunday Evening session we watch on Sunday. We will be watching conference at the church/office building because we got put in charge of being technical support for it. I am really looking forward to conference this week!

Things over here in Waterford have been going great. I am grateful to be over here sharing the gospel with others and helping them draw closer to our Savior and Redeemer.

Over here in Ireland they do tend to have better chocolate here than back home but the gum they have over here is not as good. I do not have many pictures this week. However, there is a place in Dublin called Star Pizza. A lot of missionaries eat out there after zone conference because it is one of the cheapest places in Ireland to eat out at.

I hope everything is going well back home and hope you guys have a fun spring break. Love,

Elder Calley