Monday, August 7, 2017

Week 28: What's it called? Cumbernauld!

Week 28
July 24, 2017
Hey everyone!
It's so good to be able to talk to you guys! This week we did a lot of finding. There are tons and tons of houses in Cumbernauld. So there are a countless number of doors to chap. Elder Udy and I had an interesting conversation at one of them. So normally when I am talking to people at the door, I tell them who we are and why we are knocking but I will almost always ask them if there is anything that we can do for them. So we were at this one door and this one guy answered. He looked a little bit younger than you dad and we told him who we were and why we were chapping his door. He was a little hesitant to meet with us and so I asked him if there is anything that we could do for him. He said that he is looking for a wife and wanted to know if we had any advice for him. Elder Udy and I were kind of surprised and didn't really know what to tell him. We ended up telling him that church is a good opportunity to meet new people.
So far in Scotland, I haven't eaten anything too unusual. I've had blood sausage before. It tastes better when you don't know what is in it. Otherwise, roast dinners, are very common along with fish and chips over here. There is a drink called Irn Bru that they have here in Scotland. It is very good! It is more popular than Coca Cola in Scotland. Still haven't tried Haggis yet. Haggis is like a special dish over here and they don't serve it too often except for on Burns night which is in January. Burns night is when they celebrate the poet Robert Burns.
 The rest of the week didn't have anything really new. We are still teaching John. He is very cheeky. We talked about baptism in gospel principles yesterday and so he knows that we aren't going to stop talking with him about it. We are also still meeting with Anthony and Margaret. They weren't able to come to church yesterday because Margaret wasn't feeling well but we saw them this morning and they said they would be coming to church this Sunday.
So for district meeting we meet in Glasgow and we are also allowed to visit Glasgow on P-days. Below is a picture of a statue and apparently they like to put cones on top of it.

Oh yeah, by the way, the ward here in Cumbernauld doesn't have many youth. However, the Bishop here, Bishop Greer knows how to play the organ quite well so he plays every week in sacrament meeting.
Anyway, I love you guys. Thank you for your emails they are really great! I'll talk to you guys more next Monday.
Elder Calley
Darren had asked Kyle a bunch of questions & this is his answers..... 
Yeah so cheeky is similar to being a smart aleck except you do it in joking. Irn Bru is a soda. It is orange in color but tastes kind of like sugary caramel. It tastes different than anything back home. I don't know who the statue was of but I though it was funny that it had  cones on its head. I have seen one person wearing a kilt and playing the bagpipes. There aren't many though. Glasgow is cleaner than Dublin but the people here are a bit more wild. The church is like a two minute walk from our flat which is nice. It's an actual church building as well. I'll have to include a picture of our flat next week.