Monday, August 7, 2017

Week 29: Wow July is done!

Week 28

July 31, 2017


Wow the time is sure flying by here in Cumbernauld! I can't believe how quick this week has gone by. It has been very rainy and cool this week. Elder Udy and I went on exchanges this past Friday with the Elders in Airdrie. I was on exchanges with Elder Baklan. He is an Ukranian Elder that is in my MTC group. Airdrie is different than Cumbernauld. It is smaller but has a town centre to talk with people. Also the ward in Airdrie is supposedly one big clan with one or two families in addition.


This past week Elder Udy and I have been continuing to teach John and trying to figure out how we can help him. Yesterday in Church we had a really good lesson in gospel principles about the Holy Ghost. It was really good. There were some really good experiences shared and the Spirit was definitely able to testify there. We later had an opportunity to follow up with John and help him to identify ways the Spirit can teach us and some basic things that we can do to invite the Spirit to testify to us. It is interesting how small things such as reading scriptures everyday, praying, and going to church (we sometimes call that spiritual CPR) can provide us with so much more. We also met with an excommunicated member this week, Gordon. He told us that he had been reading his scriptures this past week and really felt good about what he was reading. He said that he wants to come back to church but was wondering if it was okay. We told him to get in touch with the bishop but that we would love to see him at church and to continue to read the scriptures. It is really amazing to see how the Holy Ghost can testify to us through the small things that we do such as scripture study.


Anyways, the Scottish phrase that I picked up this week was dour. Dour (pronounced do-r) essentially means rough around the edges, gloomy, or not feeling good.


By the way I did remember to take a picture of the kitchen in our flat. It is also where we do our laundry. Most flats have a combined washer and dryer which is nice. You can't see it in the photo but it is right around the corner.



By the way, I had haggis for the first time this week at John's house. He served us a Burn's night dinner which is haggis, heaps, and tatties. Heaps are turnips and tatties are potatoes. Haggis is definitely unique. I liked it but it is covered in a lot of spices. The food here in Scotland is similar to the food back home. So for grocery we will sometimes catch the bus or usually John will drive us there if he needs to get groceries as well. So when we take the bus we just bring the bags with us on the bus or put them in the boot of John's car. They sell a lot of similar things but the stores here are not as big as back home and almost everything is sold fresh. For example the milk here only lasts about a week before it goes south because they don't put any preservatives in it. We usually, go shopping at Lidl in Kilsyth. Kilsyth is about a ten minute drive north west of our flat. Lidl is kind of like a Hy-Vee back home. It only sells food but I heard that they opened the first Lidl in the States this past week. Probably didn't build it in Rochester though. Haha.


The biggest difference from Ireland to Scotland has been the people (as well as the accent haha). The Scottish can be a little rough at first but are really friendly once you get to know them.


Anyways, it has been great to talk to you guys. Thank you so much for your emails. They really make my P-day! Speaking of P-day we will probably go to Glasgow again. There isn't much to do here in Cumbernauld. We mainly go to Glasgow so that Elder Udy can get a few things before he goes home. We also go to look around. The architecture there is really impressive. They have a lot of older buildings but they are neat to see. I'll make sure to take some more pictures.



Elder Calley


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