Friday, July 7, 2017

Week 21: Trasfer 4

June 5, 2017

Hey guys!

This week seems to have gone on forever. It's been busy trying to consolidate from two teams of missionaries to one. This week we have been doing a lot of GQing and Chapping (Chapping is what we call door knocking over here).

We've been able to continue to teach Claire this last week. She has a date for this Saturday and she is really excited for it and also a little bit nervous. We'll probably have the baptism down in Cork, the Ryans offered to drive us down there if needed. The nearest baptismal font is in Cork so that is why we are going there but there have been investigators who have been baptized in the ocean in Tramore before from what I have heard. We still have to teach her tithing and have a baptismal interview for her but we have times to meet up with her to teach her. We've also been able to teach Michael and get him with a date for July 1st. It was interesting because before he had expressed that he was not interested in being baptized but we invited him and he said yes, which was great. So we'll continue to meet up with him and help him reach his goal.

So tomorrow we have to travel to Cork for district meeting and have exchanges with the district leader, Elder Scholz. It's kinda weird to have to travel on a bus for two hours instead of a twenty minute bus ride out to the church here in Waterford.

There has been a lot to do here in Waterford now that there is only Elder Plewe and I. Elder Plewe is really good. He works hard and is very humble.

Flip! (Flip is like the universal missionary word that everyone uses over here, its pretty much like the best two years with that word). Well it has been great emailing you guys. I am emailing from the internet cafe that we go to in Waterford because today is a bank holiday and the library is closed. They seem to have a lot of bank holidays over here. I will send pictures next week though. Talk to you guys next week,


Elder Calley