Sunday, July 9, 2017

Week 24: Transfer is winding down

Jun 26, 2017
Hey everyone! Conas a ta tu? (That means how's it going in Irish)
This past week has gone by quick as usual. We've been gqing and chapping a lot. Our recent convert Claire is still coming to church and meeting up with us to be taught the recent convert lessons. She is still really solid. The highlight of my week was teaching this guy that we chapped named Ion. His name looks like ion but it is pronounced yawn. He's Romanian and he speaks little to no English. He was however interested in meeting up with us this week. We met with him briefly this past week and taught him simple things at first like about the Book of Mormon and about prophets and apostasy because it is hard for him to understand English. He comes from a protestant background and goes to another church in Waterford but says he has some issues with it. We gave him a Romanian Book of Mormon and restoration pamphlet. Within the next two days he had read five chapters of the Book of Mormon and half of the restoration pamphlet and he understood what he was reading really well.  At the end of one of our mini lessons with him he finally pulled out his phone to use google translate to communicate with us. He told us that we have something different and that he was going to test what we had told him. We knew that he was feeling the Spirit because we were feeling it too. It was amazing to know that even though we speak different languages the language of the Spirit is the same and can speak to everyone. Ion is probably the most exciting thing that has happened this week.
Kilkenny castle grand hall
Last P-day Elder Plewe and I went to Kilkenny to go see the castle there. It's pretty big and the best part is that we got in for free because their cash register wasn't up and running. It was really good.
This is the grand hall by the way.

Sorry this email is short but everything in Waterford is going good. It has not rained very much this week which makes sense because it looks like rain all this next week.
Love you guys,
Elder Calley
By the way our moves call or when I know if I'm staying or leaving is a week from this Saturday so on the 9th of July. I am guessing that I am staying for a fifth transfer but anything can happen. Elder Plewe has two more weeks left on his mission. He's a really good companion though and he works hard.