Sunday, July 9, 2017

Week 23: You've got Missinary Mail!

June 19. 2017

Hey guys!

It's been very warm this week. Sunny almost everyday this week. This week we went up to Dublin on Tuesday for Zone Conference. It was really good as always. I guess you saw a picture of Elder Plewe and I with Elder Flynn who got released three weeks ago. He served in Waterford for six transfers (9 months) and came back to visit for the weekend. Elder Plewe and I keep joking that I will be here for six transfers since that is a long time to be in an area.
Speaking of the weekend how was Father's Day Dad?  I hope it was really good! By the way they do celebrate Father's Day over here but I think it is a little bit more low-key. The primary kids did sing a song yesterday in church though.

This week not too much else happened. We have continued to teach Sean and Claire. Sean enjoys meeting with us but still hasn't been able to come to church. Claire still enjoys meeting with us. We taught her about the temple and callings. She was excited at the prospect of being able to have an opportunity to serve through a calling. We also went over to the Gibbons this last Friday. The Gibbons live up in Carlow, which is about an hour north of Waterford. They are a really nice family to visit. Brother Gibbons is in the Branch Presidency here in Waterford.

Yesterday during church in gospel principles, it was chapter 18 which is on faith and Elder Plewe was teaching the lesson. He gave a really good example of faith. He explained that he was going chapping one day in Northern Ireland and saw a guy cleaning his gutters. He said that they stopped him and talked with him and got on the topic of faith. He said he wasn't interested and didn't believe in faith and so Elder Plewe asked him why he was cleaning his gutters and explained that he was cleaning his gutters because he believed that he would need them when it rained. He then went on to say that the guy had faith in cleaning his gutters. It was an interesting story because sometimes we have doubts and don't think we have a lot of faith. And while our faith is centered on Jesus Christ, we can have faith in a lot of smaller things like praying everyday that can help build our faith in Christ. It reminded me of Alma 32:26 where Alma is saying that even if you have the smallest drop of hope you can use that and turn it into faith.

Anyways, the rest of my week has been good. Elder Plewe is a really great companion. We don't go running together that much but we exercise every morning inside the flat. The teaching pool is coming along. We have gotten a few people who are willing to meet up with us everyday this week which has been really great!

The computer keyboards over here are a little bit different like some of the symbol keys are swapped around but mostly everything is the same. As far as the Irish language goes, I think it breaks more rules than English. The classic example is of a place called DĂșn Laoghaire. No one can pronounce it right the first time. In English its Dunleary which is a little bit easier to pronounce.

(We asked if they sold Lucky Charms in Ireland and if he’s using a backpack now, which we noticed in some of his pictures.) I sure wish they sold Lucky Charms here but they don't. I do use a backpack some of the time because I can hold more stuff in it and everyone here uses a backpack. It's one of the things that they say not to have in the mission call but President Donaldson is okay with us using. I still use my shoulder bag some of the time.

Well I am sorry that this email is a bit short but not much happened this week. I'll have to remember to write down what happened more often. The work here in Ireland is going good. I don't see a lot of rainbows over here and most of my shirts are still mostly stain free.

Love you guys a lot,

Elder Calley

By the way it is very light here. The picture at the top was taken at 9:30 at night while we were on the bus home from All-Ireland.