Sunday, July 9, 2017

Week 25: Transfers next week

July 3, 2017

Hey guys! How's it going?
So this week Elder Plewe and I have spent a lot of time finding. Claire has been doing good. She wasn't able to come to church this week because she was visiting family in Dublin but we did talk with her over the phone and are meeting with her tomorrow. But I do have a picture of us with her at her baptism. The picture is not with her in white because she was really shy to take a picture in the first place but one picture is better than none right?
 So funny story about our other investigator Ion. His name is actually spelled like an ion but it's pronounced like 'yawn'. He has continued to read the Book of Mormon but hasn't been able to meet with us.
This is also Elder Plewe's last week. He leaves Friday for Dublin and then on to Edinburgh. With him leaving Friday it also means that I have to go somewhere else too. Probably to either Dublin or Cork. We're going to Cork tomorrow for district meeting and so I will probably get your guys' package then. I am super excited for the letters! For some reason Dad I didn't get your email from the 19th of June until this morning.
Roasting marshmallows at the Condemi's
tuning guitars @ the Condemi's
Dinner @ the Condemi's home

So because Elder Plewe is at the end of his mission we have had three dinner appointments this past week which is a lot for a typical week. A lot of the members have been trying to have us over before Elder Plewe leaves. And one of them was at the Condemi's. I don't know how to play guitar by the way but we were trying to tune the strings for them.  We also went over to the Moylans and to Sister Porter's house to do some service. Brother Moylan brought out some of his historical costumes and replicas for Elder Plewe to try on.
At Brother Moylan - some of his historical costumes and replicas

In my studies this week I came across a scripture that I thought was really neat. It's Mosiah 2:24. It's King Benjamin giving his last address to the people. And he says to them that if we do what God commands us to do he will immediately bless us. I thought it was really interesting that as we keep the commandments we are immediately blessed because most of the time it might not feel that way but it also may not be in the way that we expect.
Last P-day we went to Waterford Castle. It's on an island and so we took a 2 minute ferry to get from one side to the other. Waterford Castle is also a hotel/resort so we didn't go inside of it but the outside is neat.
I love you guys and hope you have a fantastic week!

Elder Calley
P.S. So this Saturday is moves call and so I will either get moved or have to pick up my new companion next Monday. So there is a good chance that I will not get a chance to email you until next Tuesday.