Friday, July 7, 2017

Week 22: We Had a baptism!!!

June 12. 2017

This week Claire got baptized on Saturday out in Cork. There was a decent attendance there which was great. The baptismal service was great, and the Spirit was strong there. Brother and Sister Ryan drove us down from Waterford which was really nice of them. She also got confirmed yesterday as well. She was really excited for her baptism and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost. The members in the branch are really nice and most of them talk with her in church. They are really great at making her feel welcome at church.

 So most of our week was helping Claire getting ready for her baptism. The only sad part of it is that I didn't take any pictures because Claire was very shy about taking pictures. Sister Ryan took one picture but hasn't sent us it yet so if I get it I will try to send it today if not for sure next week.

Our other investigators, Sean, Michael, and Dion are going pretty good. Sean is willing to get baptized and come to church if his mom is okay with it. Michael wants to get baptized but still wants to attend the born again church he is currently attending so we will try to explain baptism a little bit better next time. Dion really wants to get baptized but has to still get permission from his dad. One thing that Dion is really good at is studying every day. He calls us every evening and tells us what he learned from his studies that day.

So this week we have All-Ireland Zone Conference in Dublin on Tuesday. It should be really good. Waterford has been much busier between doing service for members, meeting with investigators, and finding. The time here seems to fly by. It's hard to believe that I have been out for five months already.

Last P-day we took a look inside Reginald's tower which is a Viking/medieval tower that was originally built by the Vikings. It was interesting, there are some cool relics in there.


 And yes, I did take a few pictures.


Oh, by the way I did learn two new Irish phrases this week. The first one is "its all hunky dory" which basically means its alright or everything is good at the moment. The other one is "it is lashing outside". That one might be easier to figure out because it has been lashing just about every day this week.

Thank you guys so much for your prayers. They have definitely helped and have been felt over here in Waterford. Thank you guys so much for everything that you do.


Elder Calley

Oops, I forgot, so I was the one who baptized her and I also performed the confirmation. Things with Elder Plewe are good, we both do the cooking but it isn't anything fancy.