Sunday, June 11, 2017

Week 20: This week has been long

May 30, 2017
Hey guys!
It seems like it has been forever since I have emailed you. A lot has happened so this email will be long.
So this last week Elder Watson went home and left Waterford on Friday. Due to that I was in a trio on Saturday and Sunday and slept over at their flat. On Saturday we all got our moves call. The other two elders got moved to Glasgow and the Shetland Islands. I will be staying in Waterford for another transfer. Yaah. Because the other two elders got moved I had to go to Dublin with them on Sunday evening. I got my new companion on Monday but by the time we got back we didn't have any time to email so that is why I am emailing you guys today. So the other elder's area has been closed so there is only one set of missionaries here in Waterford and with that the other elder's flat has also been shut down. I've heard they closed down the other team because the mission didn't get as many missionaries coming in as there were leaving. The group that left this last transfer was really big. 
Elder Plewe & Elder Calley
So my new companion is Elder Plewe. He is from Spanish Fork, Utah. This is his last transfer before he goes home, so I will only be serving with him for a short amount of time. This has been my second day as his companion so I am sure we'll get to know each other a little bit better over the next few weeks.
So yesterday, Claire came again to church. She enjoyed it and really likes Relief Society. She is really receptive and likes to learn. She has a baptismal date set for June 10th. We are also teaching Michael some more. He is really sincere in his desire of wanting to know what God wants him to do. We taught him the restoration and were able to give him a Book of Mormon to read. Also since the other team's area has been shut down we also inherited their investigator whose name is Dion. Dion is 16 years old and is very interested in the gospel. He loves to learn about the church. The only thing that is holding him back from baptism is his parents. His mom is very receptive to us teaching Dion and will sometimes sit in on lessons. His father though may not be very open to Dion being taught so we are trying to work on that with Dion.
Last P-day we took a tour of the Waterford Crystal factory and I took a lot of pictures. It was a really cool tour and they have a lot of really cool things that they have made out of crystal.
I'll probably be sending more emails with pictures. I took quite a few.
It's been great talking to you guys though and hope everything is going well back home. It's good to hear that the Kinder eggs were enjoyed. I don't think they sell them in the US but their chocolate is some of the best.
Elder Calley