Sunday, April 30, 2017

Week 15: Beginning of Transfer 3

April 24, 2017
Hey guys!
This week has been pretty good. I had a good birthday. We got taken out to lunch by some members from Virginia that were touring Ireland, which was really nice of them. It's funny because whenever there are tourists from America they always run into Elder Watson and I. We're the two American Elders and the other two are from England and Germany. We also had red velvet cake in the evening at the other Elder's flat. I got sung to and it was good. I got your guys package yesterday. It is fantastic! I didn't know that it took that long to get here. Thank you guys so much for all the treats and sweets.  The cards were really nice as well. Thank you guys so much!
This week we have visited quite a few members. On Monday we went to Sister Mackey's. She is really nice and is a great cook. Last Thursday we went to Dungarvan to visit Sister Porter and a less active that she invited over. She makes really good potato and pasta dishes. Then on Friday we went to do some service for Brother Moylan. He needed some of his firewood cut up. It was really fun to help him cut firewood, we got to use an axe, saw, and a hatchet.
Sadly, we haven't been able to meet with many of our investigators this week. Many of them go to the I.T. here in Waterford and the end of the term was last week and part of this week so many of them have had exams to study and prepare for and haven't really been able to meet with us. We will be able to meet with some of them this week though.
This week in my scripture study I have been reading in 3 Nephi, when the Savior visits the Americas. It is interesting to read about the 12 apostles that were called and all the works that they did. They seemed to never cease in proclaiming the gospel to others. It reminds me of Elder Hales talk from this last conference. He talks about how disciples of Christ have His attributes woven into their beings and how we can always continue to strive to become better disciples of Jesus Christ.
. Sister Ryan took a picture of me yesterday when I was playing prelude. I still get asked to play every week which is good. It helps me to get better at the hymns.
It's been great to here from you guys. Hope that you have a great week.
Here are some of the photos from when we went to the Moylans. Brother Moylan has a bunch of sword and gun replicas as well as costumes. He goes around with them and presents at schools and other places about history.

Greek warrior

American Revolutionary War soldier

Elder Calley