Sunday, April 30, 2017

Week 14: Still in Waterford! Whohooo

April 17, 2017
here's a picture of the district here in Waterford.
 So, I am still in Waterford. I have survived another moves call. Haha. However, this transfer is the last transfer I will be with Elder Watson because he is dying this transfer. So I am killing my trainer.
Hope you guys had a happy Easter! Last Saturday there was a branch cultural event. It was really neat. We all got to learn a little bit about other cultures. Irish songs were sung and there was even a presentation on China. We invited a friend of one of the members to it, his name is Dinesh by the way, he is Indian. He seemed really interested in what the church is like and what we do as missionaries. We hope to meet up with him within the next few days. As far as our other investigators go, we are still in touch with some of them like Abi, (he's from Kosovo and is more of a less active Muslim) but we are still mainly looking for other people to teach. The biggest issue here in Waterford with finding people to teach is getting people to pick up the phone. Haha.
Last Friday we went over to the Moylan's house. Brother Moylan makes replicas of guns and swords and is really into history, so we got to dress up as a bunch of different soldiers throughout history. It was really awesome. Sadly I do not have any of the pictures with me, they were taken on Elder Watson's camera so if I do not send them today, I will definitely send them next week.
Easter Sunday was really fantastic. Easter seems to be a bigger holiday here than back home. Everything closes down from Friday through today. There were some great talks given on the Atonement and life of the Savior in church and there was a great priesthood lesson given on how we can better study our scriptures by identifying the principles in a given passage, understand the concepts or definitions of each principle, and then think of examples of how that principle has worked in your life. Studying the scriptures definitely makes a difference. It really helps to brighten my day.
So today for P-day we are planning to go to the beach so sorry if this email is a bit short. I will try to take more pictures, I will promise to send more this next week. Hope you had a fantastic birthday Dad!
I hope everything back in Minnesota is going well. Waterford just keeps getting better and better. Hope you guys have a good week.
Love you guys,
Elder Calley
So we were meeting a less active in the park last Wednesday and I climbed a tree.