Friday, April 7, 2017

Week 12 of Mission Week 3 of Transfer 2

Apr 3, 2017   

This week has been awesome! It was so great to hear General Conference! I got to watch every session except for the Sunday Afternoon Session. (I think we will watch that tonight.) We watched the Saturday Morning session, Saturday evening, and then watched the Priesthood session, Saturday Afternoon, and Sunday Morning yesterday at the church. There were so many good talks given with little technological interferences. I really liked Elder Bednar's talk in the Priesthood Session about being called to serve and assigned to labor. Elder Holland and President Monson both gave great talks as well. We didn't have rootbeer floats afterwards but I did make fudge for Conference and that was really good. Thanks for sending all the ingredients. We were also able to get some of our investigators out to the Saturday Morning Session! There were many great talks on the plan of salvation and strong testimonies given in that session.

This week we were going around finding and we said hi to a guy on the street and he replied hi elders. We asked him, (his name is Devin by the way), how he knew about Mormon missionaries and he said he had attended church a few times as an investigator when he lived in England and said he was interested in coming back. We hope to meet with him sometime this week. It is great to know that the Lord has His hand in His work.

Over here in Ireland there are not too many Americans but most of them we meet are members. This has been the second week that we have ran into members from the States. It is great to see how the church is everywhere. Who knows maybe we will be three for three this week. Haha.

Love you guys a lot,

Elder Calley