Friday, April 7, 2017

Week 11 of Mission

Week 11 of Mission Week 2 of Transfer 2  

March 27

Hey guys! Sounds like everything is going well back home.

This week there was a zone conference at the stake center in Dublin this last Tuesday.  We went to Dublin and came back in the same day. It is about a 2 and a half hour bus ride one way. So we spent a lot of time on the bus. The bus drops us off right across the street from the Stake center so we just walked there.  It was really awesome. There was a lot of good instruction given. I also saw a few of the missionaries that I was in the MTC with. Our zone had interviews with President Donaldson at zone conference. It was really good. He is an amazing Mission President!

Dublin is much bigger than Waterford. I did not really see much of it because most of it was spent at the stake center but I did see the huge spire that they have in Dublin.

This week we went to the Condemi's again. They are such an amazing family.. I still have not been given anything unusual to eat yet. The Condemi's are really good cooks.
We also taught someone from Mexico this week. Her name is Melina. She goes to the I.T. here in Waterford and was interested in what we did as missionaries. We are hoping to teach her again this week.  She was the first person from Mexico that Elder Watson or I had talked to on our missions.

We also taught a guy named Themba. He's from Africa and we met him about a month ago and he was not really that interested but we ran into him this week and asked if he wanted to talk with us and he said would. It's amazing to see how people's hearts can change, even if only a little bit.

Its hard to believe that this week is General Conference! It'll be a little bit different over here due to the time difference but I should be able to see every session of conference. I think the Saturday Morning Session we watch at 5 pm and the rest of the sessions besides the Sunday Evening session we watch on Sunday. We will be watching conference at the church/office building because we got put in charge of being technical support for it. I am really looking forward to conference this week!

Things over here in Waterford have been going great. I am grateful to be over here sharing the gospel with others and helping them draw closer to our Savior and Redeemer.

Over here in Ireland they do tend to have better chocolate here than back home but the gum they have over here is not as good. I do not have many pictures this week. However, there is a place in Dublin called Star Pizza. A lot of missionaries eat out there after zone conference because it is one of the cheapest places in Ireland to eat out at.

I hope everything is going well back home and hope you guys have a fun spring break. Love,

Elder Calley