Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Week 10 of Mission End of First Transfer

March 20, 2017
Hey everyone!
This week has been about as patriotic as the Irish get, which isn't very much. St. Patrick's day over here is a big holiday but they do not celebrate as much as back in the States. They had a parade, some carnival rides set up, and people wearing green leprechaun hats. However, we did not see any of it because of how crazy it can get out here on St. Patrick's day. We were told that we needed to stay in our flat for most of the day from the zone leaders.
As far as the rest of the week goes, we had quite a few appointments set up but all of them fell through sadly. This week has been filled with a lot of Gqing. It is always interesting what kind of people we run into everyday here in Waterford. We did go over to one sister's house last Wednesday to repaint some of the rooms in her house. I always enjoy an opportunity to be able to do service for someone in the branch here. They are all great! This week has been a great learning opportunity for me. I have learned to be more patient and that success comes in the Lord's time. One of the best things this week was Sunday. It was so awesome to be able to go to church, partake of the Sacrament, and be able to recharge my spiritual batteries. Going to church this Sunday made me think of a talk given by John Bytheway, called the "Best Day of the Week" and how Sunday can be the best day of the week if we let it be. I am so greatful for the opportunity I have to be out here to be able to bring more happiness to other's lives and for the opportunity I have to serve my Savior out here in Ireland.
So I am officially no longer part of the greenest bunch in the mission, but I am still pretty green. Elder Watson still has two more transfers until he goes home. I do not know if I will "kill" him or if he will "die" elsewhere. Sounds like the snow is beginning to melt back home. It has actually been very nice this week in terms of the weather. It only rained three days this week and was one of the sunniest weeks that I have been here. 
Last P-day it was warm enough for us to go to Tramore which is about a 25 minute bus ride south and go play football, (both kinds) on the beach. (Don't worry we didn't go swimming haha). I have a few pictures to send as well.
Here is a picture of Waterford Crystal lit up with green for St. Patrick's Day.

Some of the carnival rides they had set up for St. Patrick's Day.

I sure hope everything is going good back home. One of the best days this week was when we went running around town the day after St. Patrick's Day to find pint glasses that we could clean and use (not for drinking alcohol). Sadly we didn't find any though.
It is awesome to be out here inviting others to come unto Christ. I am loving every minute of it.
Elder Calley