Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Week 9 of Mission Week 6 of 1st Transfer

March 13, 2017

Hey you guys!

So this week has not been very busy except for yesterday. This week is moves week. Our district leader, Elder Fehoko, left us for Glasgow so we will be getting a new District leader later today. Yesterday was Elder Fehoko's last day in Waterford so we went to Limerick so that he could baptize one of his investigators, Stella, before he left. His companion was sick yesterday so he and I went on splits. So if you are wondering why there are pictures of me at a baptism that's why. It was an awesome baptism! The Spirit was very strong there. I ended up playing piano for it as well. Musical skills really come in handy on a mission I guess. 

The rest of this week has included a lot of Gqing with a bit of teaching. We found a few new people to teach. We hope to get them a date sometime this week. This week we also had one of our Zone Leaders down in Waterford on exchanges.

Sounds like you have a lot of snow back in Minnesota. ( we got 14") Today in Ireland it feels like 60 and is sunny. However, it has rained at some point everyday this week.


All of us (left to right: me, Elder Watson, Elder Herr, Elder Magby)


I hope everything is still going well back home


Elder Calley

P.S.  So I also found out the reason why we do not have tablets. The Republic of Ireland has a data protection policy that prevents us from saving other people's numbers on a tablet. If our mission just covered the UK then we would probably have tablets. It doesn't matter though. Out here is going great. The new schedule does allow me to exercise but sometimes I am the only one exercising. I haven't had a chance to go outside and run but hope with this nicer weather I can eventually. So for the first twelve weeks we have a training program called "The First Twelve Weeks" haha. It is half an hour a day of recapping everything you learn in the MTC and how to apply it to the mission field. I will try to take some pictures of St. Patrick's Day this week.