Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Week 7 Nice and Sunny here in Ireland

Sorry I must of forgot to post last week.
Hey everyone!
That sounds like a monster storm back home. Here in Ireland it has rained pretty much everyday except for today. Last Friday, I went on exchanges with our district leader Elder Fehoko who is from Tonga. He is the first Tongan in the Scotland/Ireland Mission. He is a great missionary and district leader. We have had quite a few teaching and dinner appointments this week. Last night we went over to the Powers who are an elderly couple in the branch. They are crazy sometimes and have thick accents but are a lot of fun to chat with. We also went over to Brother Sharma's house last Tuesday. He is from India. He makes really good curry. He also brought a friend with him and we were able to teach him about the restoration. We currently have two investigators with a date. One of them is Evans. He is very interested in knowing about the Church but is hesitant to commit. The other one is Gift. He is pretty much a golden investigator who is strong in his own faith but is willing to learn and seems willing to commit as well as long as we can get a hold of him.

One of the things that I was reading in the scriptures this week was Mosiah 4 and how the King Benjamin was continually inviting his people to change and to listen. I really liked how we sometimes face hard trials, however we can always try to improve with the Lord's help and help others along the way. I am grateful for the opportunity that I have to continue to learn and grow out here as well as help others.

By the way GQ means Gospel Questioning. So I left my camera back at the flat but I will try to send all of my pictures later today. It has been great out here in Ireland. I do have one funny story this week. So Wednesday night last week we were out GQing and some drunk guy comes up and tries to give me a rose because he thought I was a girl but then he realized I was a guy. Elder Watson asked him if I still got the rose but he just walked off. Haha.

It’s hard to believe that I have been out here in Ireland longer than I have in the MTC. Spring is already just around the corner here. I hope everything is going well in Minnesnowta. We are hoping to do some type of sport today but we will see what happens.


Elder Calley