Friday, February 24, 2017

Week 6 Little bit of Cork

Elder Calley & Elder Watson
Hey Guys,

This week seems to have flown by. We have spent a lot of time finding, teaching, and travelling.

Last Thursday we had exchanges with the Zone Leaders in Cork because I'm green and were there all day Thursday. It was cool to be with the Zone Leaders for a day and see how they teach and find people. Cork is much bigger than Waterford. We were busy the whole day so I did not have much time to take pictures but I might have a few to send that I took from the bus.
a rainy day in Cork, Ireland (on the bus)
The following day Elder Watson and I were really excited to go and find. After the first hour of GQing we had seven appointments set up over the next few days. It was amazing to see how many appointments we were able to set up in such short of a time. One thing I have really begun to realize is that when we are doing the Lord's work we can have His help and guidance. While some of the appointments we set up fell through and others rescheduled we did have an opportunity to teach one person, whose name is Evans, so far and were able to teach him about the Restoration and give him a Book of Mormon. We have more appointments tomorrow and Wednesday.

So how are things going back home? It was weird to hear that you have been having such warm weather. I can't believe it will be 62 tomorrow and 24 on Saturday. Over here it sometimes gets to 50 degrees as a high and it rains almost every day, anywhere from five minutes to the whole day.

As far as celebrations for holidays go the only one has been Valentine's day. We went finding Valentine's day in the evening and the only people that were out were couples.

We tend to eat a lot of pasta and curry. I have learned to love curry it is really good. Subway is the most popular place to eat out here. Normally, I have cereal or toast for breakfast. I still eat like I do back home. One thing I have noticed on my mission is that I am actually a slow eater. Our district leader is from Tonga so when we have the other companionship over for dinner there are no left overs. 

So last P-day we went to the medieval museum here in Waterford. It was neat. It is built on top of the ruins of a castle.
Medieval Museum in Waterford

Medieval Museum small  rameumptom
I have felt like I have GQ-ed so much over these past three weeks. I have no problem talking to strangers on the street. No one teases me for my Minnesota accent but I do say oofta sometimes so Elder Watson and I sometimes have a good laugh about that.
So there is a bench along the Quay (along the river) that has one side of it called the "Liars Corner" and the other side the "Seat of Wisdom". If you sit on one side you are suppose to have wisdom and the other means your the liar. I guess it is an Irish thing. Anyway this is something from Waterford that was unique I guess.

I'm doing great over here. I'm healthy and am really enjoying being out talking with others about the gospel. I hope you have a good week.


Elder Calley