Monday, February 6, 2017

Week 4 Waterford Ireland

It was great to get a nice long letter  and some pictures from Kyle this Week!

Hey guys! It's been a while since I have gotten the chance to write.

Downham England
My last week in the MTC went well. All the missionaries there were taken to a place called Downham in England. It was one of the places that the early missionaries in England proselyted in and converted many.

My last week in the MTC went by quick. Last Tuesday we were driven up to the mission home in Edinburgh. It was great to meet President Donaldson. He is an amazing mission president. The reason why I was not able to email you last week was because P-days in the MTC were on Tuesdays and are on Mondays in the mission. So I did not have an opportunity to write you last week because we were travelling on Tuesday. Speaking of last Tuesday, everyone from the MTC got to hike Pratt's Hill. It was great to be able to look over the whole of Edinburgh.

On top of Pratt Hill (Arthur's Seat)
My companion by the way is Elder Watson, he is from Mesa, Arizona and is about 20 months into his mission. He is a great trainer and companion. We spent last Wednesday and Thursday in Edinburgh because there was a zone conference on Thursday. Elder Johnson of the Area Seventy was there and gave a good talk. So Wednesday we went GQ-ing which is what we call street contacting. Edinburgh is a great place to talk to people.

The rest of this week has really been atypical because everyone has been moving around this week. You guys must have got the email from President Donaldson about how I'm serving in Waterford. I am glad you guys got at least some sort of email about me last week. I had no idea that Waterford is one of the oldest cities in Ireland. The buildings around where we are, are not that old, some of them are pretty new. By the way my new address is 13 Neptune House, Canada Square, Waterford, Republic of Ireland. You might be able to send letters there but packages should be sent to the collection place for the Limerick Zone on the PDF that you have about mailing. Our flat is about two or three blocks away from Waterford Crystal. The weather here feels like it is March back home, maybe April on the warm days. Today it has been pouring down. My coat seems to be holding up great though. The wind here can also be pretty bad.

We have not had a lot of opportunities to teach people yet since we have only been here a few days. However, Elder Fehoko who is the district leader, and I had an opportunity to teach Niko, a new investigator who is from Australia. I invited him to be baptized which he was on the fence about. We are meeting with him later this week and hope to set up a baptismal date for him then.

Kyle in front of Edinburgh Castle
Me and Elder Watson are new to the area so we will be doing a lot of GQ-ing and finding people to teach. I have attached a few pictures of Downham and Edinburgh castle. I hope that everything  is going well back home.

By the way the branch here is awesome. There are about 25 to maybe 30 members here, we do meet in an office building. I had to play piano yesterday. I think I will be the pianist for as long as I am here. The branch is amazing here and there seems to be potential in finding and teaching here. Our area here covers at least three different cities. I think they are Wexford, Waterford, and Kilkenny. Tomorrow we have to head over to Limerick for zone-wide interviews with President Donaldson.

I am really looking forward to finding people to teach this week. It is a great area to have as a first area. I will make sure to email you guys next week. Hopefully last week was the only one I have to miss.

Love you guys,

Elder Calley

For letters only (good till March 6, week before transfers)

Elder Kyle Calley
13 Neptune House
Canada Square
 Republic of Ireland

Just a little info on mailing packages to Kyle
Note: mark all packages “Gift” on the outside of box
(Don’t declare a value of $30.00 or more (as the missionary will have to pay an additional custom duty. Current “Value Added Tax” is 20% of the declared value. They will have to pay this plus a “handling fee” before they receive the package. Best time to mail packages is within the first 2-3 weeks of the six week cycle.)

Bill Quirke
Elder Kyle Calley
12 Glenavon Crescent
Douglas County CORK
Republic of Ireland