Friday, March 10, 2017

Week 8: Craic, Doner Kebabs & Brick oven Pizza

Elders getting ready to make pizza

It starts with the dough.
Pizza Oven outside
Hey everyone,

Elder Calley & Elder Herr

Sounds like everything is going pretty good over there. This last week has been quick. Last Thursday we went up to Carlow to visit the Condemi's (pizza for lunch), Saturday we went on exchanges with our district leader, and yesterday we were in Cork for a broadcast of a Northern Europe Regional Conference. It was good craic there (craic means good time in Ireland). President Clayton and Elder Dyches of the Seventy, Sister Reeves, and Elder Ballard spoke. One thing that Elder Dyches talked about was hope and resilience. He defined resilience as the ability to bounce back from failure. One thing he said that stuck out to me was, "one of the blessings of hope is resilience and one of the blessings of resilience is hope". This week has been hard for our investigators to keep appointments so hope and resilience have come in handy. So we have done a lot of GQing this week and are trying to find more people to teach and have some more appointments set up for this week.. We have had a lot of dinner appointments this week. The members out here know how to make good food.
So I did bring my camera with me this week so I do have a few pictures to send.(Last P-day we played soccer with the other Elders and lost track of time so I couldn't send pictures until today. Sorry.)
 Here is a picture of Elder Watson with Elder Herr and Elder Fehoko Gqing in the background.

Here is another picture from the bus station in Cork.

So there is this potential investigator, Eddie, who has a french coffee shop on the Quay and he made dinner for us one night. It was really good.
Yesterday was flag day here in Ireland and so there were a lot of Irish flags up yesterday in preparation for St. Patrick's Day. All of my stuff is holding up fine even though it has rained almost everyday.
So one of my favorite DA dishes I have had out here were these potatoes made by the Condemi's. One thing that is really good that they don't have back home is doner kebabs. It is supposed to be lamb wrapped in a tortilla or pita bread, kinda like a gyro, but no one is really sure if it is lamb or not. It is really good though. Haven't had a lot of unique dishes yet but I'm sure I will.
Hope everything is going well back home.
Elder Calley