Monday, May 8, 2017

Week 16: May Day

May 1, 2017

Hey guys!

So today is May Day here in Ireland. I guess they do celebrate it here in Ireland because it is a bank holiday today. That is basically the equivalent of a national holiday back home. None of the municipal places are open, such as the library, and many businesses are closed for the day. So I'm emailing from an internet cafe today.

This week seems to have gone by quickly but not much has happened this week. We got a hold of Dinesh this week. (I think I have mentioned him before, he is from India and came to one of the branch activities we had). He seems interested in learning what the church is, what we as missionaries do and what we talk with people about. We also went to Sister Porter's house this past Friday to help her clean up her backyard a little bit. She is very kind and sweet. She invited over one of the less actives in the ward and he came over pretty drunk. However, we did have a good discussion with him on how the Savior can help him and that he has people who care about him. It made me think about how the Savior can help each and everyone of us and how each of us have others who care about us. No matter what we do, He is always there with open arms waiting for us to turn to Him.

This Tuesday is All-Ireland Zone Conference in Dublin. So I will try to take some pictures of Dublin to send to you guys next week. Later today we are going to Carlow to visit the Gibbons. Brother Gibbons is one of the counsellors in the branch presidency.

It's hard to believe that I have been in Waterford for about three months now. I feel like I have gotten to know it pretty well. The one thing we have not done that we probably should do as a pday activity is visit the Waterford Crystal factory. I'm sure we could tour it if we wanted to but we have not had an opportunity and I do not know how much it costs. They do have a shop that we can visit though. There are actually a lot of tour groups that visit Waterford Crystal. Often times we bump into members from America that just finished their tour which is great.

They have at least two golf courses here in Waterford and I have heard that there are a lot of golf courses here in southern Ireland. They also have something called a pitch and putt here which is like a really small golf course where you get a pitcher and a putter and play a few really short holes.

Some things that we typically do on our p-days is we almost always play soccer in some form. Last week we played "chair football" at the church. Everyone has a chair and if it gets hit with a soccer ball then they are out.
I apologize for not being very good at taking many pictures this week, so I took a picture of me emailing you guys. I know not very exciting but oh well.

Hope you guys have a good week. I love you guys a lot and look forward to talking to you in two weeks.


Elder Calley

I do have a Scottish vocab word to share, it’s called a blether. It basically means you had a good chat. Ex: we have had a lot of good blether the week with people on the street. The weather out here is still pretty cool. In the 50's still. The spring weather is pretty similar to Minnesota.