Monday, May 8, 2017

Week 17: Mother's Day Week

May 8, 2017
Hey guys, its so good to here from you!
This week seems to have began so long ago. So our Zone Conference in Dublin was fantastic. There were some great devotionals and talks given. I also did happen to take some pictures.
Doors to the Guiness factoryInline


Statue of someone in front of a building

Spire in Dublin City Centre

So the rest of this week has been good. We were able to meet up with Dinesh again this week and he has a date set for May 27th. He is really good. He seems to have a lot of interest but he does not have a Christian background. This week we went to Sister Porter's again to help her clean up her backyard and garden. The rest of this week has been a lot of finding. Speaking of finding we had an interesting conversation. We were at this one corner and out of the blue this elderly lady approaches us and asks if we were Jewish. We told her no, we are Christians, to which she then asks what monetary system we use and wanted us to teach her about capitalism. As the conversation goes on she turned out to be pretty crazy. We had to use the fake call function on our phone to get away. The funny part about this conversation is that behind the lady there was a car parked that was behind the lady and facing us. They were trying to mime to us about what this lady was talking about. They stuck around to listen to the conversation and seemed to get a good kick out of it. That was the weirdest part of my week this week.
That's so cool that Brandon is going to Paris!!! Wow! I'm sure that will be awesome for him!
That's cool that the Self-Reliance program is going on back home. We have had that over here for a while, or at least since I came to Waterford.  It seems like a really good program. It is something they have put some stress on over here.
So, I do not have any new Irish words but I did learn from my companion of a Scottish word, Minghim, (not sure if I spelt that right) that it means gross or dirty.
Hope everything is going good back home. Things here in Waterford are going great.
Elder Calley