Wednesday, January 11, 2017

He made it to the MTC!

Kyle made it to the Missionary Training Center (MTC), after a change of plans. We're glad to know he's there and all is well. Or will be once he gets his luggage. Here's Kyle's letter . . .

Hey guys,
I guess I had better start where I last saw you guys. So at the airport in Minneapolis my flight got delayed due to the pilots not being able to arrive on time and would cause me to miss my flight to Manchester. I had to switch flights so I flew from Minneapolis to Amsterdam and from Amsterdam to Manchester. It was fine. The only issue is I have to find my luggage because it was not on the same flight. It should arrive tomorrow though and someone here is working on it. So I do not have any worries about that. England is very different. I will have to get used to the unique sayings they have here. At the airport I was the only one from the U.S. However, it was cool to see just how many people have the gospel in their lives and how it is the same wherever they are from. I'll have to make this email shorter than I would have liked because I have a lot to do here. I'll make sure they are longer next time. By the way, preparation days are on Tuesdays here so you can expect to here from me then. Another thing I learned was that I will only have one trip to the temple here. I hope you guys are doing okay and am glad that I can be spending my two years serving the Lord in Scotland/Ireland. I love you guys.

Elder Calley

P.S. nobody so far has said my name right.

(It's pronounced Call-E and it doesn't rhyme with alley)